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City of Hope cancer research, development, and treatment center


One of our core principles is the idea of giving back and corporate social responsibility. This month’s CCG Spotlight shines on City of Hope cancer research, development, and treatment center in Duarte, CA.


We were thrilled to be part of City of Hope’s rebranding effort across their digital platforms. CCG was able to redesign CoH’s website to clarify their messaging and highlight their strongest platforms. Additionally, CCG set up an effective content creation strategy that would lead future efforts with regards to awareness and reach.


The relationship doesn’t end when the job ends. Our goal is to keep City of Hope in the consciousness of anyone who may one day need their services, or those who would like to donate to a vital cause.

City Of Hope

The City of Hope ‘Difference’

By having scientists, treatment staff and manufacturing facilities side-by-side, our treatment advances can travel from laboratory to patient with lifesaving speed.


City of Hope is a multi-faceted facility at the forefront of cancer research, development, and treatment. Research highlights include:


  • Founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, meaning our research and treatment protocols advance care throughout the nation.
  • One of only 45 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation, the highest designation possible from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Five Cancer Center Research Programs run the gamut from basic and translational studies, to Phase I and II clinical protocols and follow-up studies in survivorship and symptom management.
  • Part of ORIEN (Oncology Research Information Exchange Network), the world’s largest cancer research collaboration devoted to precision medicine.
  • Houses three manufacturing facilities on campus that manufacture both biologic and chemical compounds to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, quickly turning breakthrough discoveries into lifesaving therapies.
  • Many of CoH’s clinical research breakthroughs have transformed the landscape of modern medicine, such as helping launch the biotech industry with the development of technologies that led to the first synthetic human insulin and human growth hormone.
  • Research underlies widely-used cancer fighting drugs including Herceptin, Rituxan and Avastin.
  • Holds more than 300 patents and submits nearly 30 applications per year to the Food and Drug Administration for investigational new therapies: they’re outstanding numbers for an organization of City of Hope’s size, reflecting dedication to innovation and speeding treatments to patients.


CCG was proud to lend our services to a great center with an important and life-saving cause. Take some time to learn about the work City of Hope is doing, and if you find yourself moved – get involved in changing the world of cancer treatment.

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CCG Spotlight: Brands We Love