How Corona makes marketing its profit-driving star

The key to turning bad beer into record profits


If you were asked to pick Corona out of a blind taste test with other competitors, chances are you probably couldn’t do it. If you were asked to define Corona’s marketing and advertising strategy, you wouldn’t hesitate. The relaxed, sun-drenched, happy go lucky ‘Find Your Beach’ campaign has worked to perfection and created soaring profits.


By now, it’s a well-known fact that beer in clear bottles negatively affects taste and quality. It’s also not a surprise to see Corona included as one of the worst tasting beers, even garnering the label of “awful.” Yet despite this scoff at science and disregard for quality, Corona is the 5th best selling beer in the U.S. and the top selling import.



Corona 2How did this happen? Brilliant marketing. Corona has thrown a big budget to cement themselves as the go-to beer for relaxation. Hanging out with friends on the beach is something nearly everyone strives for, and the mere imagery can be enough to de-stress. Placing their product consistently in a desirable location makes the product desireable by association. They aren’t so much selling a beer as they are an experience. The clear bottle? It’s all part of it. Science be damned, a clear bottle seems lighter and more refreshing in an outdoor setting than a dark brown bottle. 


With vivid imagery at the forefront of their model, Corona has wisely invested a concerted effort into the pre-eminent “image-driven” social media outlets Facebook and Instagram. With nearly 12 million (!) Facebook likes and 145k Instagram followers, Corona dwarfs most competition – even the biggest name brand beers. The strategy works perfectly with their younger-skewing target demographic most likely to frequently use these outlets. Take a look at their Instagram page and you will immediately know exactly what the company is offering in less than 5 seconds. That’s the definition of effective marketing for the increasingly short attention span of online viewers.

Corona IG

Corona’s success is largely due to a keen use of psychology, repetition, and a well thought-out marketing strategy catering toward a clearly defined target market. It is perhaps one of the most glaring examples of the power of marketing translating into enormous brand success.





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How Corona makes marketing its profit-driving star