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Once Upon a Zombie

Something has gone wrong in the Fairytale Universe. All of the iconic and beloved characters are transforming into Zombies. Once Upon A Zombie is an enchanting new children’s product line including Hauntingly Beautiful dolls, consumer products and books featuring spellbinding art & illustration combined with a thrilling Fairytale adventure destined to delight kids & adults for years to come.

CCG was tasked with a diverse mission to help branding and re-launching this innovative line of consumer products and books for children around the world.  CCG provided digital strategy, creative, marketing, content creation, sales optimization and video production.

Consumer products brands are looking to utilize the full omni-channel ecosystem to deliver a diver suite of products across channels, locations and mediums. At CCG, we focus on consolidating that message and delivering the services and assets to drive long term value to brands globally.

  • Growth Strategy & Innovation Consulting
  • Brand and Product Expansion
  • Brand Identity & Digital Ecosystem
  • Global Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation & Social Media
  • Utilizing Emerging Technology
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Website & Mobile Solution
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Products
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Zombie Dolls' social media advertising Digital branding for Once Upon a Zombie

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