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Shaveology is the art of shaving innovation. Shaveology was born out of the desire to turn passion and interest in wet shaving into a business. They deliver high end shaving products that every guy could afford. Shaveology crafts products for the modern gentleman.

When innovative entrepreneurs are looking to expand, CCG is always up for the challenge.  With Shaveology, CCG helped define all aspects of the brand identity and creative assets to launch and scale the business online.

Defining the brand identity for a new consumer product is challenging.  As you define your vision, we have always loved helping create the story through the creative, branding, packaging, online experience and digital marketing outreach.  Never stop creating and we’ll help bring it to life!

  • Growth Strategy & Innovation Consulting
  • Brand and Product Expansion
  • Brand Identity & Digital Ecosystem
  • Global Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation & Social Media
  • Utilizing Emerging Technology
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Product Packaging
  • Website & Mobile Solution
  • Demand Generation / Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Consumer Products
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