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Sports Spectacular is a unique charitable event bringing over 1,800 athletes, celebrities, and charitable individuals and companies together for an extraordinary evening each May to raise funds and awareness for The Sports Spectacular Obesity and Diabetes Wellness and Research Center at Cedars-Sinai. These are doctors saving the lives of our peers, friends, family, and co-workers and also working to save the lives of our future. There are always ways to help with this great cause.

CCG has been honored to have been able to participate with one of the world’s great non-profits for over 6 years now.  Many years ago, we were tasked with rebranding an iconic brand and redefining the online and social experience.  Now, we have the privilege to provide advisory services, brand & celebrity partnerships and help drive donations.

Partnering with nonprofit and charitable foundations will always be a core of our mission focused agency.

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