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SugarBash is a social platform recreating the exchanges women have with their close friends in a private and secure way. Combining social network with an innovative series of services, SugarBash creates a safe place where women can exchange within their trusted group and with the brands.


CCG partnered with Sugarbash to define their growth plan and create the identity to drive scalable long term success in a competitive marketplace. From vision to launch, CCG has helped every step of the way and we’re excited to see this business turn into the next big thing!


Consumers love the idea of subscription boxes. According to a recent survey by Hitwise, the visits to subscription box sites have increased almost 3,000% in US since 2013, counting 21.4 million visits during January. People love being rewarded about their sharing spirit and social media has taken gamification to a whole new level. At CCG, we look at all aspects of the consumer experience and help define the values and offerings to drive long term value with each customer.

  • Growth Strategy & Innovation Consulting
  • Brand and Product Expansion
  • Brand Identity & Digital Ecosystem
  • Global Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation & Social Media
  • Utilizing Emerging Technology
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Web & Mobile Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Crowdfunding
  • Marketing Collateral

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