SoCal Brands Making A Splash: MeUndies

Founded 2011 – Culver City, CA

Trendy design, subscription services, dozens of options, and a sense of humor. If only the “underwear market” of only a few years ago could see us now.


Culver City’s MeUndies can thank a lot of its success to the treatment of the product like high fashion, not underwear. Not only does it show a pride in the product, but a keen sense of what today’s millennials pay attention to.


Take a glance at the image above without reading the text and you might think you’re looking at an American Apparel or Gap Summer ad. It’s hip, trendy, and compelling…and it’s all for an underwear line. They’ve elevated a product that was once an afterthought to a hip fashion item.


MeUndies’ production is an even more compelling example of the company’s awareness of the issues millennials care about. To sum it up – they’re creating an extremely well thought-out product, and doing so in the most efficient and least wasteful way possible.


The brand’s core values represent a mission that sounds less like an underwear company and more like a tech enterprise or creative ad agency.


  • Be Bold
  • Make Mistakes
  • Resist Conformity
  • Pay It Forward


MeUndies has already raised well over $1 Million and is attempting to take a big bite out of this surprisingly lucrative market. They’ve amassed over a quarter-million followers on Facebook and Instagram with intriguing, provocative campaigns and they show no signs of slowing down. Even when faced with adversity, MeUndies responds with a defined brand voice filled with sarcasm and humor. They’ve successfully carved out a niche, and there’s likely no stopping them now.


Take a deeper dive into MeUndies: Link 1 | Link 2

Key Takeaway: Don’t pigeonhole your brand into the box it has traditionally lived in. Treat it through the lens of its most ideal scenario – then make that scenario a reality.

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SoCal Brands Making A Splash: MeUndies